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And Contruction

BigPool Services offers three swimming pool cleaning and maintenance service options for residential customers. Our services are implemented by professional, experienced, and uniformed pool technicians.Escribe aquí tu párrafo.


Pool Repair

And water features

Pool cleaningand MAINTENANCE

If you own a pool, at some point it will need repairs.


- Pool Pump and Motor.
- Complete Filter.
- Heat Pump, Gas Heater and Solar Heater.
- Salt System.
- Automation System.
- Pool Light.
- Acid Wash.

- Leak detection.

We offer weekly (month) pool service and maintenance.

- Skim top of pool to remove leaves & debris.
- Test Pool/Spa water & maintain proper chemistry.
- Empty skimmer baskets of leaves & debris.
- Remove leaves or dirt from borrom of pool/spa.
- Check filter pressure & backwash if necessary.
- Clean waterline tile.
- Empty pump basket.
- Brush walls of pool/spa each visit.
- Vacuum pool/spa each visit.
- Clean fountain & adjust chemicals as necessary.

Thinking about renovating or remodeling your pool or spa?


We can take any pool and redesign it or replace it with a new pool structure or enhance your pool with the following:

- Resurface your pool with new plaster or Pebble finishes.
- Install new tile and coping with flagstone, slate, travertine, or pavers.
- Replace heaters, pumps, and filters "Go Green" by installing new energy efficient equipment that saves you money.
- Convert your pool to a new "Salt Water Pool".
- Remove and replace concrete decking with a large variety of options such as stamped, colored or sand finishes.
- Install LED pool lighting.
- Design and construct water features like waterfalls, firepots, and slides.
- Upgrade to automation and controls for better efficiency.